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New Patients

Welcome To Our Office

Apprehensive about your first visit to a chiropractor? Fear not! Our offices are designed specifically to set you at ease and warmly welcome you to a world of relief.

From our wall of windows to our feng shui leaf patterns, expect to feel a sense of nature and calm. All of our decorative choices were made in the interest of promoting health and vitality.

Our office is designed with a semi-open concept and art that exemplifies what we believe to be the four primary pillars of a fulfilling lifestyle: lifelong movement and activity, maintaining a healthy nervous system through chiropractic adjustment, wellness in diet and hydration, and lifetime memories with healthy relationships. These are the four philosophies we aspire to instill in our patients, and although our office is specifically dedicated to the chiropractic component, we highly promote incorporating all four into your lifestyle.

Our offices offer a comfortable waiting room, open parking, on-site x-rays, and multiple exam rooms. We look forward to making sure you are pleasantly acclimated to our environment for your treatment.

Practice waiting room



Our office utilizes a highly individualized multiple visit process for new patients. Feel free to send over your new patient intake forms prior to your first appointment, available directly through the website from the comfort of your own home. We recommend scheduling about 30 minutes for your initial appointment.

At this appointment, we follow a simple three step process. After checking in and meeting the doctor, we begin with a complete oral history, where the patient is able to fully detail his or her prior traumas and current symptoms. The doctor then performs a full physical examination, followed by any necessary x-rays. At that point, your first visit is complete and the doctor sets off to analyze her findings.

If the doctor finds that comparisons between your history, examination, and x-rays imply that you would be a candidate for chiropractic, she will schedule a second visit.

You can expect for your second visit to last around 20 minutes. At this visit, the doctor relates her findings and provides a specific plan of care for your approval. If the patient chooses to begin care, they can commence with adjustment at this time.

Regular adjustments are not time consuming, but are specifically tailored to the individual. The adjustment itself may only take a few minutes, but if further discussion and issues arise the doctor and staff is always happy to take the time to talk you through your concerns. Barriefield Family Chiropractic Centre recommends preparing for under five minutes of actual adjustment, but for up 15 for the entire appointment.

No Lifetime Commitment Necessary

Contrary to popular belief, chiropractic does not have to be a lifetime commitment. Our patients are in charge of their own health, their own lives, and their own choices. If they choose to stay with us for life, we are thrilled.

If they choose to acquire six months of treatment and move on after they’ve achieved significant improvement, we are more than happy to send them on their way and always ready to welcome them back with open arms. Whether you need a quick tune-up or a lifetime of maintenance care, we truly believe that we can help you and our track record of referrals and satisfied customers proves it.

Learn More About Our New Patient Process

Still have unanswered questions? We’re ready to talk you through all of your questions and concerns. Contact us today to find out more about our new patient process.

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