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Meet Dr. Alana Way

Chiropractor Kingston, Dr. Alana WayA Childhood Introduction to Chiropractic

As a child, Dr. Way was an active participant in competitive sports, a passion that saw her suffer a debilitating injury at a very young age. When her father, a lifelong patient of chiropractic care, took her in for an appointment, she quickly discovered a fascination with her own health and how it related to her x-rays.

Dr. Way was captivated as she watched her x-rays change along the treatment process. Her results amazed her–not only did she recover from her injury, but her sports performance and general health improved as well. However, as Dr. Way moved on to Brock University to pursue a career in physical education, her chiropractic care routine fell by the wayside and she ultimately injured herself once again rowing for university team.

She began seeing another chiropractor in St. Catharines who quickly noted her interest in his work and suggested she pursue a career in the chiropractic field. The seed was planted and when it came time to move forward with her education, Dr. Way knew chiropractic school was the only choice.

Becoming Doctor Alana Way

Dr. Way attended the prestigious Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in North York, Ontario. Upon entering chiropractic college, Dr. Way already had a strong understanding of the body’s ability to adapt and change weather that be good or bad adapation. It was not her extensive learning of the structures of neurology, pathology, and immunology, or even the complexities of the human body that had the deepest effect on her practice. It was actually obtaining the knowledge that the chiropractor does not do the healing but actually the body itself. That helped her to truly understand the nature of chiropractic.

The chiropractor is not a magician who fixes the body on the spot. The chiropractor merely realigns the working systems so they are able to heal themselves. In this way, the chiropractor and the patient become a team working towards the same goal.

Dr. Way’s Inspiration

Dr. Way feels that her biggest accomplishment is the multiple generations of families that have entered her office for care and left with lighter steps and happier hearts. Not only has she been able to positively affect parents, adults, grandparents, kids of all ages and babies by providing physical adjustments, but she has also been able to help these families realize the big picture of chiropractic care in all its preventative, quality of life improving glory. Inspiring patients with valuable changes for themselves and their loved ones allows Dr. Way to experience a deep, personal fulfillment from every professional healthier success.

Life Outside Chiropractic

Dr. Way is a happily married mother of two who enjoys spending time with her family in the great outdoors. Her backyard has become a mecca of fun, with a roaring fire pit, tree to tree zipline, and multiple balance structures for her kids to learn and play on. They enjoy camping, skiing, skating, and creating new adventures and memories together as a family. From scuba diving to board games, Dr. Way loves sharing time with her husband, daughter, and son.

Dr. Way is also a board member of the Pittsburgh Community Benefit Fund (PCBF) and an active member of the Kingston Business Association.

Meet With Dr. Alana Way

Dr. Way believes that every patient’s healthy choices have a cascading effect that will create a healthier future and a happier lifestyle. Choose chiropractic and a brighter path today! Contact Barriefield Family Chiropractic Centre for more information on your personal path to wellness.

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