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Kingston Chiropractor :: Dr Alana Way

Welcome to Family Wellness Naturally

Health problems do not just happen! They develop early in life!

Stress on our nervous system affects 3 of our most basic life expressions:

  1. Our ability to move within our worlds.
  2. Our ability to feel and react to the world.
  3. Our ability to heal, and that 4 letter word is the basic for HEALTH.

My Fascination of How the Body Works

My childhood trauma such the birth process, learning to hold up my head, then learning to crawl and walk brought a few tissue traumas. Then I got to experience “velocity”, running, skipping, biking and that resulting in more falls and more bruises. Because my spine was flexible and young, it adapted to the many changes! Until one day it said no more!!!! I could not sit, walk or play my competitive sports. As a child that was devastating. The x-rays revealed disc space narrowing and misaligned vertebrae. My fascination of how the body works and how it is ALL connected began then.

How can someone tell if they are healthy?

In my office I look at things a little bit differently. The absence of symptoms or pain does not necessarily mean that you are healthy. The famous “I feel great!” can be a poor measurement of your health. Simple example, undetected tooth decay that will not result in obvious symptoms for months. I have witnessed spinal problems can have the same affect. Misalignments affect the nerve supply to your body. Every cell, tissue and organ in our body is directly connected to you nervous system. Those misalignment’s can affect our balance, energy, posture, resistance to disease and internal organs health. This results in people not functioning at their best. Most people will comment “I feel old!” when their bodies are out of sorts. Degeneration is known in my office as a “time” related progression, and not an “age” related condition. As the condition goes undetected, in “time” it progressively gets worse. Easy way to challenge this thought… a chronic left knee concern. Is it old age? Is the other knee not the same age?? In my office I look to detect if the pelvis is torqued and that is causing the knee to react in an improper walk and result in joint damage.

The best part about being a chiropractor!

Being a part of the amazing healing that the body can do. The incredible things I have witnessed over the years in my office. No matter the age or generation. The human body and it’s ability to heal, Wow!!

Explore the website and gather information to aid in your ability to be optimally healthy. As I always say, it is not the years in your life, it is the LIFE in your years!

Looking forward to seeing what can transform in your life?

If you think that you or a loved one is a good candidate for chiropractic care, contact Barriefield Family Chiropractic Centre to arrange a thorough examination in our practice.